The Do’s and Don’ts of Perky Breasts

Breast Lift At any age, a woman deserves to feel appreciative of her body. Changes that occur over time, such as breast deflation and sagging, can be incredibly frustrating. To make the issue even more complicated, women often feel confused about how to maintain their perky breasts and what to do about sagging as it occurs. We’re going to try and clear the air with a few do’s and don’ts.


  • Support your breasts with a well-fit bra. If you’ve never had a bra-fitting, get one. Also, don’t stop at just one. As you age and your breasts change, the bra you once wore may not remain sufficient. A supportive bra is one that provides a gentle hammock for breasts to rest comfortably.
  • Wear sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen (and moisturizer, too!) is beneficial for the breasts. Unless you’re sunbathing, broad-spectrum sunscreen need only be applied to the skin on your chest that is exposed around your bathing suit. Protecting the skin means preserving elasticity, and this is something you want for perky breasts.
  • Work it. And by this, we mean work out those pecs! The musculature beneath breast tissue is as supportive of shape as the overlying skin, so keep up those planks, downward dogs, and chest flies.
  • Maintain your weight. When we gain weight, the fatty tissue in the breasts may increase. Conversely, the breasts are often one of the first places where fat cells shrink when we lose weight. Ongoing weight fluctuations stretch the skin and can lead to not only deflation but sagging.
  • Consider a breast lift. Nonsurgical strategies can only do so much to lift breasts that have become noticeably saggy. A breast lift can reposition the fatty tissue and nipples to project forward as they did before age-related changes.


  • Let them rest too much. While the breasts need support, too much pushing up could backfire. Some studies suggest that push-up bras take over for muscles, pushing up breast tissue to an extent at which no muscle support is needed. Frequent wear may allow muscles to atrophy if other strategies like chest exercises are not implemented.
  • Rely on breast implants for projection. Breast implants are intended for volume, not necessarily for height. Implants do not prevent sagging, nor do they correct it.
  • Be afraid of bouncing. If you like to run or dance or rebound as a way to stay healthy, do it. There is no evidence confirming that bouncing degrades breast tissue.

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