I am actually from NJ. I’ve been wanting this procedure (breast augmentation) for the last 12 years! I did live in Miami in my early 20’s, but came back down here to actually have the procedure. I never really thought about it seriously while I was down here permanently. (my plastic surgeon in NJ had actually retired several years ago, and my parents have a home on A1A in LasOlas, so….free room & board while I recover! My decision was made! :0) I was excited to have Dr. Hunsaker as my PS.. He went above and beyond to help me on my surgery day. Dr. Hunsaker was amazing! Let me first start out by saying that I have always had issues with my veins and recieving IV’s. For my pre-surgery labs, I had blood work drawn in my home state-NJ-and to be honest, they butchered me. It took them over an hour and a half to draw my blood (even using a butterfly!!!) Long story short, I let my Plastic Surgery Center know about this, and they decided to have me scheduled to come in first thing the morning, of my procedure, to take care of it. Long story short, the first nurse could not find anything, and decided to wait for the anesthesiologist. After about an hour with BOTH of them, I looked up and asked…’what’s going to happen if you can’t get a line in?’…. they both kinda looked at me sadly and said….well, you won’t be able to get the procedure. I was devestated! Finally Dr. Hunsaker walked through the door and says…’hey trouble!’ I hear you are giving my nurses and anesth. some problems!….I explained what was going on, and he saw how upset I was. He started smacking my arms looking for veins, while saying, ‘this is your punishment for giving us a hard time, and for leaving your veins home!… LOL well needless to say, he really calmed me down, as I was a wreck thinking I came down to Florida for nothing! Dr. Hunsaker spent over an HOUR with me, rubbing my arms, gently handling me while he looked for a place to put my IV. He was so soothing and gentle, and relieving, apparently it worked (he almost put me to sleep in the mean time) Anyway, he says, all done trouble, lets get you into surgery! I couldn’t believe it! He actually got my IV in, and I didn’t even feel it! He went above and beyond! Dr. Hunsaker was amazing, and I know if it was any other Dr. I would’ve been rescheduled or cancelled, b/c they would’ve given up on me! I know, since it has happened before to me!!

I’ve always been a flat cheated girl with a whole lot on my backside. My whole life I prayed that some miracle would make the rope half of my match what God gave me on the bottom. At 33, that day never came so I decided to go ahead and take the plunge. I did A LOT of research and came across a Dr. Hunsaker in Miami who is super skilled at XL implants. When I met him, I knew he was the right Dr. for me! He was so patient, caring and understanding of my goal and I got exactly what I wanted! I recommend him 1,000,000%!

I feel fortunate that I found Dr Hunsaker for my journey to a big size for my build; I am 5-3 and weight 101 pounds without implants. I work out a lot and it was super important to me to get a certain kind of result; I wanted them firmer and maybe not as natural looking as some women would want, so they wouldn’t be too bouncy when I’m kickboxing… I don’t know if my photo will appear, but it was taken a week after this surgery. I had previous augmentations with other doctors and was happy with them, but they were conservative about bigger implants. I was nervous about switching from silicon to saline, too – would they feel right, etc.

After over 2 years of deliberating whether or not to get the surgery… Within minutes of meeting Dr. Hunsaker I immediately thought this is it… He is it… And my gut feeling was oh so correct. After having visited those so called young doctors, with raving reviews both here in New York City and in Miami, I decieded to go for the experienced, the old school, the perfectionist, the detailed, the well respected and well mannered Dr. Hunsaker. He was very careful in every aspect of the pre and post operation surgery and really knew the answers to the literal hundreds of questions I had for him. I was a full figured girl with less than a full cup which I always hid under EXTRA PADDED bras, and now I am a complete figured woman who honestly doesnt even know what breast size I am simply because my breast are ultra perfect therefore I don’t even need a bra!!! Dr.Hunsaker suggested a 400cc silicon implant to balance out my body proportions and even though I was against such a “big” implant at first I am now 2 months post opt and am surely happy that I went along with that size and nothing smaller. His work (now a part of me) was and is EXCELLENT! AMAZING! and SUPERB!

I would absolutely do this over again and again…. the first time i was never really satisfied with the smaller outcome but this time i know that i made the right choice after doing some research and driving all the way from Virginia to Miami Florida to see Dr. Hunsaker…..He absolutely is the “BEST OF THE VERY BEST” and would love to later on go to him for some additional surgeries…… If you have a smaller breast size and are just simply uncomfortable with the way you look, this is GREAT for your self-esteem… when i had breast augmentation done at 18 that was my reason and i knew that i would never go without them again!!!…… Also , I must say that i am confident in the way that i look and am already feeling better about myself this second go around… My only regret is that i did not meet Dr.Hunsaker at the age of 18 and have him do the first surgery as well 🙂 ….

I am 3/4 days post op . I got lipo and TT by dr. Hunsaker in Miami. So far I like my results. No more hanging gut — I look down and can see the va jay jay, imagine when the swelling goes down. I still have my drains in and I’m hoping they come out soon but overall even though I’m swollen, shooooot, I’ll stay like this if I had the option of keeping my hanging gut or this.

I originally contacted Dr Hunsaker’s office to have my boobs redone and I was instantly impressed by his sweet patient coordinator Maria, who was very attentive, responsive, informing and courteous! I had lovely 550ccs for almost 13 years (a total of three augmentations in 20 years plus 2 breastfed babies) after so long with my last set I experienced asymmetry plus drooping and a wide gap between breasts, and all the typical ails of harboring old implants so after endless googling, boob stalking, boob shopping online, (Instagram, RealSelf, SimplyBreastImplants, JustImplants, Mentor LLC., and even porn sites, etc)… I was certain that an upsize to about 1100ccs would achieve the look that I wanted! Researching the best doctors in Florida with XL Breast Augmentation experience, Dr Hunsaker was one of the top surgeons suggested!!

I stayed in touch with Maria for about a month until she informed me that there was an open appointment due to a cancellation so I hopped on my broom and rushed to Miami right away! I had the consultation on a Wednesday submitted my blood work and had the surgery on Friday.

I suffer from anxiety attacks and anticipatory anxiety attacks and they were very careful with me and compassionate! The anesthesia tech was sweeter than cotton candy omg!!! I swear she was the most upbeat and cheery lady I have ever had the pleasure to meet and fall asleep on in 5minutes lol I wish I could’ve enjoyed experiencing her bubbly personality longer and even thank her for her positive calming nature, but that “amnesia serum” kicked in and I orbited my spaceship back to Venus! I was out like a light switch!! LoL But she was awesome! I cannot describe how amazingly sweet everyone in his office is! The anesthesia staff, the nurses, etc…

Doctor Hunsaker: Very relaxed, straight forward guy… (A modestly handsome contemporary fellow)… He was honest, down to earth and came across like a doctor and not a salesman!!! He simply was informative and kept things simple.. This helped minimize my anxiety! He informed me that he would try to achieve the look I desired based on photos and not a guessing game of CCs? It’s very helpful to bring him photos of your desired results!!! He displayed a great level of professionalism with a warm personality and he was tender!

Upon my post op he informed me that he filled them to 1500ccs (Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus) and I’m absolutely shocked I could carry 1500ccs so well, they look normal in me and I’m immensely happy with my results! However; due to my anxiety I’m not very good on pills, drugs and other such stimulants (my idea of a good time is two glasses of Merlot at the most) so no pain killers have been able to stay down for more than 5minutes so I’m baring through the pain trying to manage with less harsh OTC pain Management! I’m a NYC chic so I’ve been trained to take the pain for the gain!!! I’m a NY GIANTs girl.. Go big or Go Home! Go Giants!!!

Everyday I am more grateful to transition closer and closer to a full recovery!! I’m so in love with my new round orbs of perfection!! Oh my laawd!!! :-)) He did an amazing job!!! I’m 5’9 and curvy so the 1500ccs really are meshing great with the shape of my body! There is swelling and tightness that is unimaginably uncomfortable but normal and I expect it to recede with time!

Tall curvy Caribbean Barbie with Big Guns !!!Reloaded!!! Watch out world, here I come!!!

I wanted to look better at my 54 years and it was totally awesome! Although I had a pretty good cup size-B, I wanted more “volume”.
Dr. Hunsaker and his staff were definite professional yet very nice in order to make me feel comfortable and confident of the procedure. They are a perfect combination.

I like that he is updated in his field, knowledgeable, and patient towards his clients as well.

I have positively recommend him to friends who share my opinion about him after having chisen him as their doctor. And if I ever decide to go for any other procedure, I will obviously go to him.

I thought about having breast augmentation for many years. My main concern was the fact that my tiny breasts were really cute and I was afr
aid of having any other change than size. When decided, I searched in Fort Lauderdale and Miami area. I visited a total of 4 surgeons before Dr. Hunsaker. He was highly recommended by a friend and her cousin who also had their breast implants with him. In the first consultation I was offered by his amazing secretary, María, a set of photos and was asked to pick my wish look. Then he took measurements and decided which implants would be the perfect to achieve my des
ire outcome. He was really explicative about the pre, during and post op process. He also took time to answer my questions. I felt really comfortable and in good hands right away.

The day and time of the surgery was pretty much arranged taking in consideration my working schedule. We also had a pre op appointment to do the blood work, make more measurements and go over all the process, including the fact that I decided to have lipo on my back and inner thighs. The day of the surgery everything went as planned and everybody made me feel comfortable (anesthesiologist, nurses and other staff). The level of pain was moderate but with the pain prescription I was able to manage it. The next day he saw me to be sure that everything was okay and gave me another appointment for the next week. In that
appointment he removed the stitches and checked that everything was healing okay. He asked me to make another appointment in two months for the follow up and gave me a link that shows the exercises that I should be doing to make my breasts heal and feel better.

I’m super happy with the results!!!, I love everything about them; shape, size, and how soft and squishy they feel. Regarding my lipo, even though I didn’t have too much fat, my waist shape is now more accentuated and my inner thighs look great. My experience with Dr. Hunsaker was excellent, I would definitely recommend him to any family member or friend.

Mi experiencia con el Dr. Hunsaker fue excelente, lo recomendaría a cualquier familiar o amigo.

I had my surgery done 05/06/2016. The whole process was very easy and pleasant with Dr. Hunsaker. I followed all the instructions given and my recovery process is going very well and very quick. He is very professional, knowledgeable and experienced doctor. From my first call to his clinic to the last check up before my flight home after the procedure I felt very safe and comfortable. Dr. Hunsaker made special arrangements to see me on Sunday before my flight home, since I am out of town patient. Dr Hunsaker listened very carefully to all of my concerns, and answered all of my questions in great details. He picked the size for me based on the picture provided by me and also based on my lifestyle and my body type. I couldn’t be happier with the size he picked for my body. I am 120lb 5’6 with 34B bra size before the procedure. I got 375cc silicone implants. Esthetically Happy!!! My breast look great, even thou it has been just a week since my procedure. My girlfriend had her breast augmentation done one year before me by Dr. Hunsaker and she look amazing as well! Her scars a literally invisible! Also he has an amazing stuff, everyone was very nice, very professional and super helpful to get me through the whole process. Ms. Maria was there for me all the time I needed any assistance, or any little questions I had regarding the procedure. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hunsaker to any lady out there who is looking for breast augmentation professional. Thank you Dr. Hunsaker for making me look beautiful and for making this experience as pleasant as it can possibly be!

I decided I wanted a breast lift and augmentation after having a tummy tuck at age 34 in Miami which was successful I lost 45 pounds I went from 195 to 146 I believe that I was nice to him however my boobs were kind of long they were glad to my stomach which I will provide pictures of and what my left dr. Robert hunsaker has done for me is lifted them and gave me implants to give me better shape and projection and I am in love with them

This was my first time I had a filler injected and I was scare that it was going to be painful but I was absolutely wrong .It wasn’t painful at all!!! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is trying to get lips injected !!!!!Thanks Dr Hunsaker for making my lips and boobs look Great!!!!!!!!!!!

A M A Z I N G!! Dr Hunsaker is a real experienced professional, he made me feel so comfortable and answered to all my questions when i first met him during the consultation for my BA. Maria and all his staff are so kind and very available as well.

I had my surgery last week, and went to the first follow up today, i’ve been following all his instructions and i feel great after very few days..most of all i LOVE the result, what i always wanted, natural and perfect on my body. I would choose him again and again and i highly recommend Dr Hunsaker if you’re looking for a PS with capital letters.

Best surgeon, best staff and best results!!???? If I had to this all over again I would pick Dr Hunsaker’s private office. Their the best! Everything went so smoothly with no complications what’s so ever. Maria was always there for me. I knew if I had a question it would be answered within mins and sometimes even seconds!?

I am a transgender woman and honestly I can say that he listen to me 100% and what I wanted and was very pleasant nonjudgmental and really is a great surgeon he’s so funny actually makes you feel good about having Surgery I don’t regret my surgery with Dr. Robert hunsaker it was the best decision I’ve made so far in my life I look forward into doing more procedures with him he’s the best there is no other doctor that does boobs like him!

I am extremely happy with my 250cc silicone breasts. I am 5’1″ 103 1bs, 32-34 A cup and very athletic~ I surf in the summer, snowboard/ski all winter so I wanted something that would look natural and allow me to do those. Dr. Hunsaker and Maria his coordinator listened and gave me exactly what I wanted. So very happy I finally did it! And grateful for having a great surgeon and caring team!…

dr hunsaker was fantastic and i never felt rushed . He took his time explaining everything to me and measuring me and answered all my questions thoroughly and made sure i understood the process. I showed him my wish pic and he Gave me EXACTLY wat i wanted…. The thing that is awesome about hunsaker is that hegoes based on ur wish pic. Not ccs. And trust me he will make u look as close to wish pic as possible. This was my third boob job and first time ive been happy with results and this is only day 1!cant even imagine how they will look a month from now! In canada they are very conservative and wont go past 800 so for me to get the look id want i new i had to come to florida to see hunsaker and it was the best decision i made. So happy so far as u can see and hope everything goes smoothly here on out. My last surgeries were at a hospital so i was kind of nervous with it being at a clinic but his staff is really friendly and helpful and try their best to make u feel very comfortable. The scariest part of surgery from me is the anesthesia but the anesthesiologist was super nice and sweet and really ease my nerves a lot . I went to his private practice by the way. I think its called Cosmetique. As far as the lipo goes I was never fat or chubby really just had Love handles/flanks and a Little belly . I decided to throw it in there last minute because of the great price and from what I remember it was worth it cuz my stomach already looked really good straight out of surgery but I have my garment on now so I dont want to speak too much on that yet since im not sure wat it even looks like yet really. I will have to keep you updated on that… But so far so good I will post pics in a few weeks. I have alot of tattoos i need to edit out otherwise i would post pictures now but if anyone has any questions please just let me know. If dr hunsaker reads this i just want to say thank u so much for giving me the boobs of my dreams

I flight all the way from jersey to miami. The doctor n all the staff are so sweet n caring. Me n my best friend fly together. My experience was amazing only couple hours n so far i feel great. Couple year on hormones as a transgender female n i wast happy with my breast but i only show a picture to the doctor n he do the rest. I describe the experience as magical

I had my breast implants redone because of horrible scaring and the implants falling too low. Due to the amounr of scaring most doctors wanted me to go smaller to clean up the scar and wait 6 months to come back for bigger implants. Dr. Hunsaker not only cleaned up 70% my scars, he took me from a 400cc implants to 800cc implants overfilled to 900cc! This doctor is such a nice person. He listens to what you want and works with you to get the result you want. I absolutely love my boobs! Thanks Doc!

I came to Dr. Hunsaker because my aunt had her breast augmentation done with him and he did an amazing job. It has been 2 weeks since my surgery and I am very happy with my results so far. It’s incredible how fast my recovery was! In just 3-4 days I felt like I hadn’t even gotten a surgery. Dr. Hunsaker took his time to explain all the details of the procedures, as well as answer all the questions I had throughout my surgery. In addition to Dr. Hunsaker, his whole medical team was amazing (the anesthesiologist and nurse Lucy). Extremely kind and welcoming. Maria, Dr. Hunsaker’s assistant, is a truly a sweet heart and treated me like her daughter making sure I was okay throughout my recovery. Her smile is very welcoming and will brighten up your day.

As a first time patient of Dr. Hunsaker, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hunsaker and his amazing staff. I went in for a consultation for an extended tummy tuck and was greeted with warmth and kindliness. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful and have the aptitude to answer any questions due to their experience, exposure and the number of years working alongside Dr. Hunsaker. Dr. Hunsaker is very professional and sets clear expectations. He delivers great results, while remaining realistic. Leading up to the surgery date, the staff stayed in contact with me ensuring all my questions were answered and concerns laid to rest. On the day of surgery, the staff again was extremely nice and loving ensuring the pre and post op went smoothly. Even after my surgery, the staff and doctor took a keen interest in ensuring my recovery was seamless. I highly recommend Dr. Hunsaker, he is extremely patient, thorough and truly has his patients best interest.

Dr. Hunsaker is a lifesaver! He performed rhinoplasty on me and I couldn’t be happier of the results. Maria and the rest of his staff were super-nice and attentive to my needs both pre- and post-op.

Good doctors have satisfied patients, excellent ones have patients who return for Lipo, tummy tuck, BBL, etc. Dr Hunsaker is that excellent doctor. I recently came back to see him for a mini-tummy tuck w lipo (comments under separate review). He performed a Breast Augmentation 10+ years ago w no complications to date. Incision (now invisible) was done in areola and implant placed under the muscle resulting in the most natural looking breasts for my size and exactly what I wanted (see pic). His staff is very friendly and helpful. Maria is his go to person for whatever concerns, questions or info you may need. Highly recommend.

My motivation was to get an breast augmentation by or before I turned 30 years old. Praise God, I finally gotten them done and it was 1,000,000,000 worth it.
I’ve searched a went through a variety of doctors ,but I could not find one that does a good job like Dr. Hunsaker. God is so good and gave me to good people that cared and gave me the size I was looking for. I have to give a speacial shout out to my doll Maria. She is an absolute angel and May God bless her so much. Thank you once again.

I am one week post op mommy maker from Dr. Hunsaker. I was a little worried going in but he put my mind at ease. I had tummy tuck, 550cc silicone implants, breast lift, and 4 areas of lipo done. Every time came out fantastic and I’m healing really fast. Thank you Dr. Hunsaker!

Dr Hunsaker did my tummy tuck on july 22 2017 in miami fL. Quite naturally i was very nervous because i had never met him. However, after meeting him i found out he was a super nice guy with a great sense of humor. My stomach was disgusting! I couldn’t look at it myself. I would run past the mirror after getting out of the shower. I never thought id have a flat belly again ( thats what you call it when you tummy gets too big, a ” belly” ) lol but after he did my tummy tuck it became a miracle.its been almost a month now and im in love with myself. ( i mean my tummy) lol. I never did get a chance to say thank you cause after waking up from surgery he was already gone.( what doctor sticks around til a patient wakes up anyways) and i had to return homeback to atlanta right after. This man is amazing and iam so very grateful. I feel so good about myself now. whoever is reading this and need or looking for a plastic surgeon, i highly recommend DR Robert Hunsaker. He is the closest thing to God as your gonna get here on earth. he perform miracles that you cant archive on your own. withhim you get 2 for 1. He flattens your tummy and builds up your self esteem both at the same time.Dr hunsaker, if you are reading this, i wanna say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and i look forward to visiting your office again in the near future. God bless you sir.

I’m a 33 years old Transgender woman who stands at 5’11 and weigh 190lbs. I’ve been on HRT for a full year. I heard about Robert Hunsaker through a YouTube reviewer from a Transgender woman and fell in love with her results so I knew I found my doctor. I spoke over the phone to his surgical coordinator Maria who is the most kindest person you could ever meet. We talked about scheduling a consultation with Dr. Hunsaker on September 18th. I flew from South Texas to Miami Florida mind you it was my first time ever flying let alone leaving the state of Texas so I was a little nervous being away from home but I was determined to getting the procedure done. I met Dr. Hunsaker that Monday and we discussed my goals, he took my measurements all from different angles and recommended Mentor Memory Gel 800cc Smooth Round High Profile Breast Implants. Because of my height, and broad shoulders we both agree with that size. I was then booked to have the surgery on Wednesday September 20th which would happen to fall on my 33rd Birthday!! This would be the best birthday present I’ve ever received!

I traveled to Miami from Pennsylvania to receive breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Hunsaker based on a friend’s recommendation. My friend was certainly correct in her recommendation. I knew we were in good hands from the very beginning based on Maria’s (office manager) very obvious care and compassion and expertise. She walked us through the entire process. I literally cannot say enough good things about Maria. She was always immediate to respond to any questions or concerns that myself or my boyfriend had. Maria is truly as much of a caring and compassionate person we have ever met. Dr. Hunsaker was also wonderful to work with as well. He did not rush us through the consultation and expertly provided us answers to all of our questions. The surgery went very smoothly. Dr. Hunsaker even came into the office on his day off to meet with us before our flight home. He again spent extra time with us making sure I understood all my after care instructions. Dr. Hunsaker also reassured us he is only a phone call away should we have any additional questions. It’s been almost a week since the surgery and I’m as happy as I have ever been. The surgery is something I have wanted for many years and Dr. Hunsaker and staff made my wish come true. We would highly recommend Dr. Hunsaker to anyone reading this review. He is certainly worth the price of a plane ticket as his prices are very affordable and competitive.

I had a second procedure done on 11/8/17 by Dr. Hunsaker. Couldn’t be happier. I am 5’6 about 126 pounds, athletic build. My 1st procedure went from 34 A/small B cup to 34 full C/ small D cup. My 1st implants were 375 cc. My second procedure i replaced 375 cc with 800 cc. I am not sure what size i am going to end up yet, still in the process of recovery. But to be honest i don’t care, i saw a lot of ladies here on the realself are way too obsessed with the sizing… i dont see the point of that. who cares what it says on your bra, the most important to me is to really like the look you are going for. My 1st breast augmentation i was going for a bra size, yes i got my desired D cup, but it wasn’t the right look i had in my head. Everyone is so unique, rib cage, breast shape, height, weight… all those factors are taken i consideration by your doc when deciding on breast implant size and shape. Which is why i love Dr. Hunsaker, he doesn’t want you to tell hi what size you want, he goes by the look you want to end-up with. I am so glad i did it in 2 step… i have very stretch mark prone skin, and doing it in one step would have left me with stretch marks on my breasts. Love my doctor, he did a great job the 1st time i did it, and the 2nd time when i decided to go bigger. Just absolutely love the look. the recovery is much, i mean MUCH easier than the 1st time. My 1st time wasn’t bad, but my second is not even 30% of the pain and tightness of the 1st procedure. Please if anyone has questions regarding my experience, let me know. I will be happy to share my personal experience and feelings.

I have had a longstanding patient relationship with Dr. Hunsaker. I finally decided to do my breasts and knew he was the right person to do it. I truly appreciate his professionalism as well as his staff. He took extreme care to deliver and took his time (multiple consultations) to consider every one of my concerns and expectations. I have developed a deep trust in him and knew he would provide me with “my” best results. After 3 children, breast feeding, and being in my 40’s I wasn’t sure if I should have any real expectations. He assured me and knew exactly what I needed even more so than I. I trusted him to give me the best version he could and I am so deeply grateful for him. He has given me an even better result than I could have ever dreamed of. I am blown away on my breasts appearance and feel. He gave me better then I could’ve ever expected. I am so grateful to have a doctor that I can trust that will provide his absolute best. His staff, who have been with him forever, are an important part in making you feel comfortable and at ease, which is a reflection of his excellent practice.

This was my second surgery since 9/2001 and I’m very grateful to Dr. Robert Hunsaker, my surgery was an excellent experience. Procedure I had done breast revision, liposuction and tummy tuck. My results are phenomenal. His staff made me feel very comfortable before and during my surgery. I would highly recommend him for sure.

I did a silicon breast augmentation, along with a liposuction. And I have to say it was a very good experience. This Dr has excellent bed side manners, not to mention how safe he makes you feel during the while process. Results were amazing, abd very natural looking. I am very pleased with the results. I give Dr. Hunsaker a 5 star rating, and a 6 if there was a 6. Highly recommend him.

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Robert Hunsaker. I came to Miami and worked through Xiluet Plastic Surgery. The staff there recommended Dr. H and I am so glad that they did. I had the Extended Tummy Tuck and he did an amazing job from what I see so far. It is so impressive when you have a Dr. that is willing to respond to your emails even on the weekends! He treated me will the utmost respect, was very professional and knows his work. Any question I had he gave the me the most detailed answers that I could understand (didn’t use terminology that I couldn’t comprehend which I really appreciated). He didn’t make me feel rushed or stupid (even when I couldn’t figure out how to work my binder!). He’s AWESOME and I am already planning to head back for arm lift, breast work and thigh lift with him. He cares and will not do excessive amounts of surgery on you if he knows your body can’t withstand it. I am so thankful he didn’t allow me to do the tummy tuck and breast lift at the same time. Another gal had the mommy make-over done and was 12 years younger than I am and OM gosh she came back looking like she was going to die! I appreciate his GREAT judgement and not just being about the $$$$$! I had very little pain and was up doing everything on my own right after surgery, she was still needing assistance 3 days later! If I could give you 10 Stars Dr. H I would! Thank you so much!!! Sincerely, Kim B from MinnEsota ;p

Just had a tummy tuck Friday . I was supposed to go to Dr Mel Ortega Tuesday but that’s a long messed up story. I was going to give up but my recovery house owner wouldn’t let me, she took me to Dr Hunsaker and we hit it off. Hick he was the 1st Dr I’ve seen since I’ve been in Miami. I never even got to meet Dr Mel Ortega because of his staff, which makes him look bad. It was so nice to sit and talk to Dr Hunsaker he talked to me about the surgery whether he would be a good fit for me, I even spoke to my anesthesiologist who was also just as awesome as he could be, he even prayed for me before I went under. I have my follow-up appointment tomorrow hopefully I can get some pictures and let you guys see

Everything looking ok but the pain was unbearable’ the worst thing about this experience was the pain’ idk if it’s because I did both breast aug and lipo on my stomach and back and the combination made it painful but it was really horrible for me! I’m loving the results so far! Again I was a cup going into a b cup and I went with 580 ccs under the muscle

I am a 38 year old male and over the last 4 years lost about 80 pounds! Obviously I had some loose skin pn lower abs that wasn’t going anywhere. Did some research on Dr. Hunsaker and I knew it was a go. I met with him asked 1000 questions and was cool to educate me and make me comfy. Very professional and great job on my surgery. Since I workout so much, no muscle repair was needed. Thanks again Dr. Hunsaker and more reviews to some as I continue to enjoy my new body.

Dr. Robert Hunsaker is amazing I love my results I’m 16 days pre op got my surgery on 09/25/2018 he’s very patient and caring he answered all my questions the day of my surgery he ask wat I hated the most about my stomach he made me feel so comfortable cause I was a nervous wreck I highly recommended him I don’t know wat he done but I wasn’t in any pain didn’t take any pain meds was up walking right after surgery I can go on and on I stayed in recovery for 2 hrs after surgery unlike other plastic surgery facilities they rush you out

I met Dr Hunsaker and knew he was going to be my surgeon. His attention to detail and willingness to answer all of my questions put me at ease instantly. I cannot thank him enough. I am currently 6 weeks out and loving my new profile. Thank you so very much!

Dr hunsaker is amazing

Glorified with my results. Him and his staff are the best: I felt very comfortable speaking to him he gave honest opinions and staff was very knowledgeable of every procedure.i will definitely be returning for my next surgical procedure.

I highly recomend him he do my breast augmentation andi do really like it so much he is nice doctor i dont have regret that i choose him he is super awesome doctor dont waste ur time guys here the doctor that ur looking for and also his wonderful coordinator norgis than you so much guyss to part of my journey thank you thank you so much doctor hunsaker

Just had a tummy tuck Friday . I was supposed to go to Dr Mel Ortega Tuesday but that’s a long messed up story. I was going to give up but my recovery house owner wouldn’t let me, she took me to Dr Hunsaker and we hit it off. Hick he was the 1st Dr I’ve seen since I’ve been in Miami. I never even got to meet Dr Mel Ortega because of his staff, which makes him look bad. It was so nice to sit and talk to Dr Hunsaker he talked to me about the surgery whether he would be a good fit for me, I even spoke to my anesthesiologist who was also just as awesome as he could be, he even prayed for me before I went under. I have my follow-up appointment tomorrow hopefully I can get some pictures and let you guys see

I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Hunsaker in 1995. We discussed the best options for me as I was worried about being able to breastfeed in the future. I settled on trans axillary saline implants behind the muscle. I went through 2 pregnancies with the same implants and all that happened was I had a more natural fall. Here I am 25 years later with the SAME implants and they look and feel so natural.

Doctor Robert Hunsaker did a great job on my tummy tuck and I had my side’s Lipo my surgery was on 3/13/2018 He made me feel great when I went in I was very Nervous he talk to me until I felt better I will recommend him to anyone

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