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As a first time patient of Dr. Hunsaker, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hunsaker and his amazing staff. I went in for a consultation for an extended tummy tuck and was greeted with warmth and kindliness. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful and have the aptitude to answer any questions due to their experience, exposure and the number of years working alongside Dr. Hunsaker. Dr. Hunsaker is very professional and sets clear expectations. He delivers great results, while remaining realistic. Leading up to the surgery date, the staff stayed in contact with me ensuring all my questions were answered and concerns laid to rest. On the day of surgery, the staff again was extremely nice and loving ensuring the pre and post op went smoothly. Even after my surgery, the staff and doctor took a keen interest in ensuring my recovery was seamless. I highly recommend Dr. Hunsaker, he is extremely patient, thorough and truly has his patients best interest.

Dr. Hunsaker is a lifesaver! He performed rhinoplasty on me and I couldn’t be happier of the results. Maria and the rest of his staff were super-nice and attentive to my needs both pre- and post-op.

Good doctors have satisfied patients, excellent ones have patients who return for Lipo, tummy tuck, BBL, etc. Dr Hunsaker is that excellent doctor. I recently came back to see him for a mini-tummy tuck w lipo (comments under separate review). He performed a Breast Augmentation 10+ years ago w no complications to date. Incision (now invisible) was done in areola and implant placed under the muscle resulting in the most natural looking breasts for my size and exactly what I wanted (see pic). His staff is very friendly and helpful. Maria is his go to person for whatever concerns, questions or info you may need. Highly recommend.

My motivation was to get an breast augmentation by or before I turned 30 years old. Praise God, I finally gotten them done and it was 1,000,000,000 worth it.
I’ve searched a went through a variety of doctors ,but I could not find one that does a good job like Dr. Hunsaker. God is so good and gave me to good people that cared and gave me the size I was looking for. I have to give a speacial shout out to my doll Maria. She is an absolute angel and May God bless her so much. Thank you once again.

I am one week post op mommy maker from Dr. Hunsaker. I was a little worried going in but he put my mind at ease. I had tummy tuck, 550cc silicone implants, breast lift, and 4 areas of lipo done. Every time came out fantastic and I’m healing really fast. Thank you Dr. Hunsaker!

Dr Hunsaker did my tummy tuck on july 22 2017 in miami fL. Quite naturally i was very nervous because i had never met him. However, after meeting him i found out he was a super nice guy with a great sense of humor. My stomach was disgusting! I couldn’t look at it myself. I would run past the mirror after getting out of the shower. I never thought id have a flat belly again ( thats what you call it when you tummy gets too big, a ” belly” ) lol but after he did my tummy tuck it became a miracle.its been almost a month now and im in love with myself. ( i mean my tummy) lol. I never did get a chance to say thank you cause after waking up from surgery he was already gone.( what doctor sticks around til a patient wakes up anyways) and i had to return homeback to atlanta right after. This man is amazing and iam so very grateful. I feel so good about myself now. whoever is reading this and need or looking for a plastic surgeon, i highly recommend DR Robert Hunsaker. He is the closest thing to God as your gonna get here on earth. he perform miracles that you cant archive on your own. withhim you get 2 for 1. He flattens your tummy and builds up your self esteem both at the same time.Dr hunsaker, if you are reading this, i wanna say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and i look forward to visiting your office again in the near future. God bless you sir.

I’m a 33 years old Transgender woman who stands at 5’11 and weigh 190lbs. I’ve been on HRT for a full year. I heard about Robert Hunsaker through a YouTube reviewer from a Transgender woman and fell in love with her results so I knew I found my doctor. I spoke over the phone to his surgical coordinator Maria who is the most kindest person you could ever meet. We talked about scheduling a consultation with Dr. Hunsaker on September 18th. I flew from South Texas to Miami Florida mind you it was my first time ever flying let alone leaving the state of Texas so I was a little nervous being away from home but I was determined to getting the procedure done. I met Dr. Hunsaker that Monday and we discussed my goals, he took my measurements all from different angles and recommended Mentor Memory Gel 800cc Smooth Round High Profile Breast Implants. Because of my height, and broad shoulders we both agree with that size. I was then booked to have the surgery on Wednesday September 20th which would happen to fall on my 33rd Birthday!! This would be the best birthday present I’ve ever received!

I traveled to Miami from Pennsylvania to receive breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Hunsaker based on a friend’s recommendation. My friend was certainly correct in her recommendation. I knew we were in good hands from the very beginning based on Maria’s (office manager) very obvious care and compassion and expertise. She walked us through the entire process. I literally cannot say enough good things about Maria. She was always immediate to respond to any questions or concerns that myself or my boyfriend had. Maria is truly as much of a caring and compassionate person we have ever met. Dr. Hunsaker was also wonderful to work with as well. He did not rush us through the consultation and expertly provided us answers to all of our questions. The surgery went very smoothly. Dr. Hunsaker even came into the office on his day off to meet with us before our flight home. He again spent extra time with us making sure I understood all my after care instructions. Dr. Hunsaker also reassured us he is only a phone call away should we have any additional questions. It’s been almost a week since the surgery and I’m as happy as I have ever been. The surgery is something I have wanted for many years and Dr. Hunsaker and staff made my wish come true. We would highly recommend Dr. Hunsaker to anyone reading this review. He is certainly worth the price of a plane ticket as his prices are very affordable and competitive.

I had a second procedure done on 11/8/17 by Dr. Hunsaker. Couldn’t be happier. I am 5’6 about 126 pounds, athletic build. My 1st procedure went from 34 A/small B cup to 34 full C/ small D cup. My 1st implants were 375 cc. My second procedure i replaced 375 cc with 800 cc. I am not sure what size i am going to end up yet, still in the process of recovery. But to be honest i don’t care, i saw a lot of ladies here on the realself are way too obsessed with the sizing… i dont see the point of that. who cares what it says on your bra, the most important to me is to really like the look you are going for. My 1st breast augmentation i was going for a bra size, yes i got my desired D cup, but it wasn’t the right look i had in my head. Everyone is so unique, rib cage, breast shape, height, weight… all those factors are taken i consideration by your doc when deciding on breast implant size and shape. Which is why i love Dr. Hunsaker, he doesn’t want you to tell hi what size you want, he goes by the look you want to end-up with. I am so glad i did it in 2 step… i have very stretch mark prone skin, and doing it in one step would have left me with stretch marks on my breasts. Love my doctor, he did a great job the 1st time i did it, and the 2nd time when i decided to go bigger. Just absolutely love the look. the recovery is much, i mean MUCH easier than the 1st time. My 1st time wasn’t bad, but my second is not even 30% of the pain and tightness of the 1st procedure. Please if anyone has questions regarding my experience, let me know. I will be happy to share my personal experience and feelings.

I have had a longstanding patient relationship with Dr. Hunsaker. I finally decided to do my breasts and knew he was the right person to do it. I truly appreciate his professionalism as well as his staff. He took extreme care to deliver and took his time (multiple consultations) to consider every one of my concerns and expectations. I have developed a deep trust in him and knew he would provide me with “my” best results. After 3 children, breast feeding, and being in my 40’s I wasn’t sure if I should have any real expectations. He assured me and knew exactly what I needed even more so than I. I trusted him to give me the best version he could and I am so deeply grateful for him. He has given me an even better result than I could have ever dreamed of. I am blown away on my breasts appearance and feel. He gave me better then I could’ve ever expected. I am so grateful to have a doctor that I can trust that will provide his absolute best. His staff, who have been with him forever, are an important part in making you feel comfortable and at ease, which is a reflection of his excellent practice.

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