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Does plastic surgery hurt?

With the use of recent advances in knowledge and techniques, the majority of patients can expect to use little or no prescription pain medicine after their surgery. Over ninety percent (90%) of our patients are using only over-the-counter pain medicine within 24-48 hours of surgery.

How long will I be out of work after my surgery?

That depends a lot on what activities your job requires you to perform. If your occupation requires heavy lifting or other strenuous activities, it may be one or even two weeks before you should return. If your job is less physical, you might be able to return in as little as two or three days depending on the procedure you have done. Most patients return to driving in two to five days.

How much does plastic surgery cost?

Quality plastic surgery actually represents an excellent value for the benefits it provides. The fees for plastic surgery have remained quite level over many years while most other costs of living have skyrocketed! Remember that the results of your surgery are typically very long lasting and in some instances, such as nose or ear surgery, are life-long changes. Beware of “shopping” doctors based on price – you may well “get what you paid for”!

Why do you perform most surgeries in your office surgery suite?

For appropriately screened patients (more than 98% of our patients), our state accredited and inspected operating room and recovery suite represents a more affordable alternative to the hospital. While we have the equipment and training necessary to handle emergencies that could rarely arise, we have never had a serious situation occur in our office surgical suite. Because we use the same staff, our own familiar equipment and are located in our own office space, we feel that the control and direct line of responsibility that offers keeps both costs and risks at a minimum. In addition, in the unlikely event that a revisional surgery is necessary, we are able to assist you in the cost of that procedure by only charging “cost”, which we cannot do in a hospital.

I am coming from out of the country for my procedure. How long will I need to stay in Miami? Where will I stay?

For most procedures, it is best if you plan to stay here for at least one week after your surgery. For some procedures two weeks is preferred. While you may fly when you leave, you will receive special instructions regarding “exercises” you must do during your flight or drive to help reduce your risk of developing a blood clot in your legs. This increased risk is thought to exist for at least thirty days after surgery. Our staff can assist you with hotel, nursing and transportation arrangements necessary during your stay.
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