Neck Liposuction In Miami

What Is Neck Liposuction?

If you have unwanted fat on your neck that you would like to remove, Dr. Hunsaker at Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery Center offers liposuction. Liposuction is the removal of fat of the front of the neck below the jaw using small suction cannulas (tubes).

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Who Is A Candidate For Neck Liposuction?

Candidates for neck liposuction are generally younger with minimal excess skin and small to moderate amounts of fat. Because the results depend on the ability of the skin to retract and re-drape smoothly once the fat has been removed, the tissue characteristics are critical in achieving a good result. The more skin you have, the poorer the elasticity of your skin and/or the more fat you have the less likely you are to achieve a satisfactory result.

For appropriate candidates, neck liposuction creates a better-contoured profile of the neck and can even by itself give an appearance of weight loss.

How Neck Liposuction Works

Using local or general anesthesia, small incisions are made under the chin and behind the earlobes so the cannula can be inserted under the skin. The cannula is attached to tubing which provides suction to remove the fat as the cannula is moved back and forth in a controlled manner. Once an even, reduced thickness is achieved the small incisions may be closed with a single stitch or even left open.

Neck Liposuction Procedure

After injecting an anesthetic solution into the neck, the skin is prepped and draped and the small stab incisions are made. The liposuction procedure itself is performed until the maximum result is achieved. The incisions may be sutured and a mildly compressive dressing is applied to control swelling and assist the skin in re-draping smoothly. Typically, the entire process is less than one hour.

Patient Testimonial

"I would highly recommend Dr. Hunsaker and his staff for all future cosmetic procedures. They were amazing communicators, had a flexible schedule, and were very informative in all my questions and concerns. I went into surgery stress free, and came out as excited as I went in. Thank you for everything!!"

- Aviana A.

What Is Recovery Like After Neck Lipo?

The recovery is fairly rapid. There is very little pain or discomfort. Typically you should refrain from any straining, exercise, lifting, cardio for one week. Most patients can drive safely in 1-2 days. There is some mild swelling that improves dramatically over the first several days and occasionally some bruising. Small changes occur for much longer and a true final result is usually seen within 2-3 months.

Before & After Neck Liposuction

Female patient before and after neck liposuction procedure, less neck fat after procedure

Are There Any Scars From Liposuction?

The scars from the neck liposuction are only several millimeters in length and located in unnoticeable areas. The vast majority heal exceptionally well.

Are Results Permanent From Neck Liposuction?

While the results are permanent (meaning that is your new baseline contour), you can still gain fat in the area if you gain weight though it would never be as much as if you had not done the procedure. In addition, the tissues of the neck will continue to age in their normal fashion.


How Is Neck And Chin Liposuction Performed?

Neck and chin liposuction is a more delicate procedure than liposuction done on larger areas of the body. That’s where Dr. Hunsaker’s training and experience as a board-certified plastic surgeon come into play.

For these procedures, Dr. Hunsaker first injects the areas with tumescent solution. This is a combination of saline water, lidocaine, and epinephrine. The salt water expands the area; the lidocaine provides local anesthetic; and the epinephrine constricts the blood vessels to create far less bleeding and subsequent bruising. The epinephrine also constricts the fat cells, making them easier to break loose and gently suction away.

After the tumescent solution is injected and other local anesthetic is given, Dr. Hunsaker makes a series of small incisions along the jawline. These are only 2 to 3 mm in length, so small they don’t require sutures and can be closed with simple steri-strips. He then inserts the microcannula, generally 16-gauge or 14-gauge in size. He can show you how small these are during your consultation. He then suctions away the fat in an extensive crisscross pattern to achieve uniform removal. This creates a smooth, pleasing, slimmer contour.

He repeats this with each insertion of the cannula into the different small incisions until the entire area under the chin and the upper neck has been addressed. Then the cannula is removed, and steri-strips applied. The cannula removes most of the tumescent solution along with the fat, and any remaining solution drains away quite quickly.

We monitor you for a brief time and then you return home.

Can I Combine Neck Liposuction With Another Procedure?

It is possible to combine this limited liposuction of the neck and chin area with liposuction on the abdomen or another area. It could also be combined with another facial surgery, such as a brow lift or facelift. Facelifts already usually target the upper neck, however, so you’ll want to discuss your options with Dr. Hunsaker during your consultation to see if fat accumulation or loose skin is more of your issue, as this could point you to one procedure over the other.

What Are The Benefits Of Neck Liposuction?

Fat accumulation under the jawline has long been a problem. The double chin created by this fat has been very difficult to do much about until relatively recently. That’s when liposuction techniques advanced to enable entry into this more delicate area (in contrast to the thick skin of the abdomen, for instance). Now, fat can be removed with only minimal invasiveness and very easy recovery.

Fat can also be removed during a surgical neck lift, but those are major surgeries and involve all the risks and recovery time. Liposuction only requires very small incisions; there is very little tissue trauma; there aren’t any sutures (incisions can typically be closed with Steri-strips); and recovery is minimal. Dr. Hunsaker can sculpt the fat and regain the patient’s sharper profile.

These are the benefits of having neck liposuction at Cosmetique:

  • Elimination of your double chin
  • More definition to your chin and jawline
  • Results fully visible in just a week or so
  • Permanent results
  • Little, if any, visible scarring
  • Short downtime
  • Only requires local anesthesia

What Are The Potential Risks And Complications Of Neck And Chin Liposuction?

These are very low-risk procedures. Liposuction complications, such as dimpling and uneven contour, are not a problem with neck and chin liposuction. They can occur with larger areas, such as the flanks, where large amounts of fat are removed. These are easy-to-take procedures with satisfying results.

When Will I See My Results From Neck Liposuction?

Your swelling after neck liposuction should only last about one week, two at the most. At that point, you’ll be able to fully appreciate your sharper profile, straighter jawline, and more youthful chin and neck area.

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