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If you are seeking to augment your breasts with extra large implants and gain a stunning appearance, give experienced and talented plastic surgeon Dr. Robert H. Hunsaker a call today for XL Breast Augmentation! The skilled physicians of Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery Center can answer any questions you may have and use the latest surgical techniques for your procedure. Dial 305.279.4700 today to reach our Miami office and schedule your consultation!

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What Is XL Breast Augmentation?

We consider extra-large breast augmentation to be 1000cc or more in most patients. With some smaller patients, it may be less. XL breast augmentation can only be done with saline implants. Some patients may require over 2200cc to achieve their goals.

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Who Is A Candidate For XL Breast Augmentation?

The vast majority of patients requesting extra-large breast implants are very clear about their desires and committed to their goals. There are anatomic limits both for how large you may be able to go with the first surgery and, ultimately, how large you can ultimately go. There is also a limit on the volume of the implants currently available in the U.S.

"I’ve been going to Dr. Bob for years and he always makes me feel comfortable, important, and professional. He work is amazing and he’s the best!"

- Cheryl H.

XL Breast Augmentation Procedure

The surgery itself is basically the same as any breast augmentation procedure though there may be a need to reinforce and better stabilize the infra-mammary fold with internal sutures or even a reinforcing product such as Alloderm or Strattice. When doing a subsequent staged procedure to achieve an even larger size than can be achieved initially, a release of the capsule is often also required.

Is XL Breast Augmentation Safe?

Real Patient Results XL Breast Aug
*Real Patient Results

While no surgical procedure is risk-free, done properly by a plastic surgeon experienced in this, the complication rate is still low. While low, it IS higher than with smaller size implants. There is more likely to be position issues, skin stretching from the excess weight, shape concerns, midline skin bridging and even incision wound healing problems. There are also more long term changes/thinning of the natural overlying tissues with time. In addition, if you choose to go much smaller later in life you would likely require a breast lift to achieve good shape and position. Having said all this, most patients seeking extra-large implants are very aware and accepting of these potential trade-offs.

How Can I Prepare For My XL Breast Augmentation?

Preparing ahead of time for your breast augmentation surgery can often help your recovery period. Staying hydrated and implementing a balanced diet several weeks before your surgery can help your body to recover faster. With a balanced diet already in place, patients can maintain a stable weight, preventing changes in their breast position, size, and appearance from the sudden loss or gain of extra weight during recovery. It is also essential to quit smoking at least four weeks prior to your surgery to avoid health risks. Investing in loose clothing, comfortable, soft pillows and bedding, and ice packs may also help ease discomfort once you return home from your procedure.

How Long Will It Take To Recover From My XL Breast Augmentation?

Recovery is different for every patient. However, on average, most people can make a full recovery after four to six weeks of proper aftercare and rest. Following your surgery, it is highly recommended to prioritize rest for your body and avoid intense physician activity while you are healing. Light walks may be helpful in helping your body adjust to your new breast size, but it’s important to treat yourself with care. Many patients wear surgical bras during their recovery as it can often help the breasts stay in place while they heal from surgery. After this four to six-week period, most patients are able to return to work and their normal routines without feeling any pain or discomfort at all.

How Long Will Results From XL Breast Augmentation Last?

Most patients can enjoy their new breast size for up to 20 years or even more. Most implant designs are made to last several decades. While some patients may need a touch-up, breast lift, or other alterations as they get older, most breast augmentations are long-lasting and naturally change with your body as time goes by.

XL Breast Augmentation Results
*Real Patient Results

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