Breast Enhancement Through the Ages

Over the past many years that breast enhancement procedures have been performed, millions of women have improved the way they feel about their bodies. The breasts are an important and central feature of the female form. Without adequate shape, a woman may not feel fully herself. She may wear certain types of clothing only and […]

Is Blepharoplasty the Refresher Your Face Needs?

The face is not just the first-impression zone of the body, it is the area from which our feelings express. People naturally read faces without much thought at all. We look at the mouth and notice if its corners turn up or down. We look at the eyes for signs of livelihood and friendliness. When […]


Exercise After Liposuction: Keep Up the Good Work!

Weight loss in itself is a huge accomplishment. However, most people don’t fully congratulate themselves for a job well done until their body looks as contoured as they’d like. If you’re in that plateau of weigh loss where localized deposits of stubborn fat are refusing to respond to your hard work, you may be considering […]

Breast Enhancement Needs Some Attention to Detail

Breast enhancement surgery is incredibly popular today. Many women express an interest in improving the appearance of their breasts. When using the term “breast enhancement,” though, what is usually meant is breast augmentation. For several years, there has been a perception of breast augmentation is a suitable method of fully improving the breasts. It can […]

Male Breast Reduction: What You Need to Know

Breast procedures have long been associated with women. Really, breasts themselves have largely been associated with women! Even today, many people do not think of men as having breasts. Understandably, this would be because the breast tissue on a man is much different than the breast tissue on the female body. At least it usually […]

A Walk Through the Mommy Makeover Process

There is no denying the benefits of feeling like your best self. Although there are too many joys of motherhood to even list, these can coincide with a sense of dissatisfaction about physical appearance. Mommy makeover procedures are common because women want to enjoy the best of both worlds; they want to revel in motherhood […]

Breast Implant Miami Beach, FL

Breast Implant Recall: Here’s What You Need to Know

Usually, when we have conversations about breast augmentation, the tone is light and excited. Recently, that has changed. The FDA recall of certain textured breast implants has caused a lot of unnecessary fear among women who have breast implants and those who have been considering finally getting the shape they have always wanted. The United […]

Rhinoplasty Miami FL

Why Does a Nose Job Change the Entire Face?

A nose that is wide, large, crooked, or has a bump can be distracting. We meet people all the time who express dissatisfaction with the central feature on their face. When a person doesn’t like their nose, an interesting thing happens; they have a hard time noticing other aspects of their appearance. Nose surgery often […]

Men and Cosmetic Treatments: No Longer Taboo

For the first several decades of cosmetic plastic surgery, available treatments seemed to be aimed at women. This could be because, historically, women have been expected to age gracefully. What this concept really entailed was a woman maintaining a youthful appearance at every age. Fortunately, we’ve laid off this idea somewhat. Also, fortunately, men are […]

Liposuction Facts You Should Know

Plastic surgeons have been performing liposuction for many years. As such, physicians like Dr. Hunsaker are the best resources for the most applicable information. If you’ve been thinking about having liposuction to refine your proportions, you have probably read at least a few online “facts” about this procedure. There’s nothing like an informed patient! This […]

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