How Can a Facelift Help You Look More Youthful?

Facelift If you want to restore your youthfulness, a facelift may be an excellent option. This procedure can turn back the clock and help you look several years younger. Facelifts offer a two-pronged approach: first, our surgeon can reposition sagging muscles, and second, loose skin is trimmed away or tightened. Let us take a closer look at how this can help you appear more youthful.

Repositioning Muscles To Restore Your Youth

Time wears down all things, including your muscles. As you age, you will lose some muscle mass, and the tissues will start to sag away from their original position. There are many reasons why this happens throughout the natural aging process.

You may be dealing with the loss of bone mass in your face, which can change the contours of your face. Additionally, you may experience a decrease in collagen production as you age, especially deep in your tissues, which can also contribute to muscle sagging. Beyond that, gravity has been straining your bones and muscles throughout life. Eventually, this wear and tear catches up with you.

Whatever the specifics in your case, there is a chance that your muscles have drooped and sagged out of the position they were in when you were younger. During a facelift, our surgeon will work to restore these tissues to their previous position. This can shave years off of your face’s appearance.

Tightening Up Loose Skin To Restore Your Youth

As the years go by, you may also experience loose skin. This is especially noticeable around the face. Much of this is the result of lost collagen. This protein is one of the essential building blocks of your body. It is a major component of constructive tissues and other tissues.

Unfortunately, as you age, the decrease in collagen production can result in stiff joints and sagging skin. Further, the process of repositioning muscles could increase the amount of loose skin. Through facelift surgery, excess skin is trimmed away. The remaining skin is repositioned and stretched over your face, creating a tighter and more youthful appearance.

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Facelift surgery is a trusted and effective way for individuals to reverse wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and other signs of aging. If you would like to learn more about facelifts and other cosmetic procedures, contact the Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery Center to schedule a consultation by calling 305-279-4700.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert H. Hunsaker has more than two and a half decades of experience helping individuals across Miami, Florida, achieve favorable results through both surgical and non-surgical procedures. He can help you achieve your aesthetic goals through personalized attention and professional techniques.

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