Liposuction Facts You Should Know

Plastic surgeons have been performing liposuction for many years. As such, physicians like Dr. Hunsaker are the best resources for the most applicable information. If you’ve been thinking about having liposuction to refine your proportions, you have probably read at least a few online “facts” about this procedure. There’s nothing like an informed patient! This can go two ways. A well-informed patient can achieve excellent results. A person who has been misinformed about liposuction may procrastinate in getting treatment that could help them or may ultimately feel dissatisfied with the results they achieved because they didn’t meet (unrealistic) expectations.

We want you to be well-informed. Here, we discuss a few particulars about liposuction we think you should know.

Liposuction will remove fat cells but it won’t make you lose weight.

It is ill-advised to get liposuction with the goal of weight loss in mind. If you want to see the numbers on the scale change, it is advantageous to achieve this goal before undergoing liposuction. Your surgical procedure will then address that stubborn area where fat cells refuse to let go. After liposuction, your clothes may fit better and you can expect to feel more satisfied with your overall shape. These are wonderful benefits enjoyed by many of our patients.

Liposuction will remove fat cells for good but you can still gain weight.

Just like liposuction won’t help you lose weight, it also won’t keep you from gaining weight. Shape changes when unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits allow fat cells to expand in size. You won’t grow new fat cells after liposuction. However, we encourage our patients to commit to the food choices and exercise program that will support their long-term goal of looking slim and fit.

Nonsurgical body contouring is not necessarily better than liposuction.

Many people shy away from the idea of liposuction because nonsurgical treatments sound safer and more comfortable. First, liposuction does not hurt. The procedure is performed with either a local anesthetic that numbs the area or with general anesthesia that puts you to sleep for a short time. Post-surgical discomfort is typically minimal. If needed, patients take prescription pain medication for a few days. Some don’t even need that. In terms of safety, liposuction performed by a board-certified, qualified surgeon incurs very few risks. In terms of results, liposuction achieves maximum shaping in a single procedure, whereas nonsurgical treatments require multiple visits and months of waiting.

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