Breast Enhancement Through the Ages

Over the past many years that breast enhancement procedures have been performed, millions of women have improved the way they feel about their bodies. The breasts are an important and central feature of the female form. Without adequate shape, a woman may not feel fully herself. She may wear certain types of clothing only and feel awkward in other types. Breast enhancement can add volume where none ever existed and can restore volume that has deflated over time. While the objectives of breast enhancement are similar for every woman, their age may reflect certain nuances regarding their treatment process.

Breast Enhancement in Your 20s

Many twenty-something women express an interest in enlarging their breasts. Breast implant surgery provides them with the opportunity to create the volume that Mother Nature did not dole out. For the woman in her twenties, there is a need to carefully evaluate two things. One, her reasoning for wanting to enhance her body. The vital factor here is to choose breast enhancement because it feels empowering and right, not to fit the mold of what society or any person says is beautiful. Second, younger women should consider when they plan to have children when deciding to increase breast size and shape. This is because pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect appearance even with breast implants.

Breast Enhancement in Your 30s

Statistics indicate that women in their thirties make up the majority of breast augmentation procedures. This age group may have already had children and wish to correct breast changes related to motherhood or weight changes. A woman in her thirties who has not had children faces the same challenges as a woman in her twenties, deciding when surgery would make the most sense. Thirty-something women tend to have a mature perspective regarding their expectations of surgery, which can lead to optimal satisfaction. At the same time, having small children at home could prove a challenge to surgery scheduling and recovery.

Breast Enhancement in Your 40s

Women in their forties can be excellent candidates for breast enhancement. By this age, most women are not planning to have any more children. Relationships and careers are stabilized to provide the support that is needed for surgery and recovery. The cosmetic concerns that may affect a woman in her forties may require breast augmentation alongside breast lift surgery to achieve the best results.

Breast Enhancement at Age 50 and Beyond

Women in mid-life often view plastic surgery such as breast enhancement as a gift to themselves. They have spent the better part of their lives caring for the needs of others. With childrearing behind them, the fifty-something woman can devote time to surgery and recovery. However, care must be taken to choose procedures based on the condition of the aging skin and integrity of muscle tissue.

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