Are You Eyeing a Brow Lift?

The eyes are a common area of concern for people of all ages. Undereye bags may develop even in younger adults. So can a heavy brow line. As we age, the eyebrows may drop to a point at which the tissue on the upper eyelids is compressed to look heavy and bulky. The drooping brow line may look asymmetrical, with one eyebrow falling lower than the other. Depending on the slant of the drooping brow line, inward or outward from the center of the face, a person may look either perpetually sad or angry. In either situation, a brow lift may be the ideal approach to lasting correction.

If your eyes are an area of concern and problems relate to your low-lying eyebrows, you may be considering either Botox or a surgical brow lift. The surgical approach can achieve a more dramatic lift and longer-lasting improvement without the need for continual touch-ups. However, there is downtime associated with brow lift surgery. Here, we outline what that looks like.

The Brow Lift Recovery Timeline

Days 1-3

After returning home from a brow lift, patients can expect to spend a few days resting. Pain is the most common concern for most people. Comfort is manageable with prescription pain medication. A dressing may be placed after surgery to support healing tissues. The slight compression of the dressing can also reduce soreness and tenderness. Patients are advised to sleep with their head elevated for several days after their brow lift to minimize swelling and bruising.

Days 7-10

Within the first 7 days of recovery after a brow lift, patients should see a significant improvement in swelling and bruising. Comfort is also expected to improve dramatically after the first few days of soreness. By the end of the first week, prescription pain medication may no longer be needed. At this time, a follow up may occur so that stitches may be removed and incisions examined for positive indications of healing. After stitches are removed and examined, restrictions on showering and hair-washing may be lifted. Light, normal activities may be resumed, including going back to work, as long as it is not physically demanding.

Two Weeks and Beyond

After the two-week mark, we expect to see minor swelling continue to subside for several weeks. The brows may look a little high at first but they will settle into place as skin and tissue come into a resting state. The results that become apparent within this time frame can last many years.

We enjoy helping patients of our Miami plastic surgery office feel their best. To schedule a brow lift consultation with Dr. Hunsaker, call 305.279.4700.

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