Exercise After Liposuction: Keep Up the Good Work!

liposuctionWeight loss in itself is a huge accomplishment. However, most people don’t fully congratulate themselves for a job well done until their body looks as contoured as they’d like. If you’re in that plateau of weigh loss where localized deposits of stubborn fat are refusing to respond to your hard work, you may be considering a body contouring procedure like liposuction or even abdominoplasty. There is a reason these are two of the leading plastic surgery procedures performed today. One is that they work, but another is that stubborn fat is just plain stubborn and may only be removed with extreme dieting and exercise or, the easier route, surgery. Even in this situation, though, patients need to know that body contouring is not the end of the road.

All Fat is Not Created Equal

Some people believe that having liposuction only results in fat growing in other areas of the body. This isn’t how it works, exactly. Doctors who perform liposuction encourage patients to continue eating a healthy diet and working out regularly. This is a recommendation that every person could use, though, not just liposuction patients. All people are susceptible to two kinds of fat. Neither are good, really, but one is worse. There is fat that develops in the subcutaneous space, the fat we remove with liposuction. Then, there is visceral fat, tissue that accumulates deep within the abdomen. Visceral fat is truly bad fat that we want to prevent as much as possible.

The Dangers of Visceral Fat

Deep beneath the skin, visceral fat is not seen by the eye. Even a thin person can have visceral fat if they do not eat well and exercise regularly. The fatty tissue in the abdomen pushes on vital organs and disrupts physiological processes including insulin usage, hormones, and cholesterol levels. Due to its location, this type of fat cannot be removed surgically. It does, however, respond to diet and exercise, unlike the stubborn fat just beneath the skin.

Liposuction or No Liposuction, Healthy Habits are Important

We love helping our patients feel great about their appearance. At the same time, we respect the human body. Wellness is an important aspect of any area of healthcare, including plastic surgery. Therefore, if you are considering liposuction or other body contouring, we encourage you to start planning now for long-term health and beauty.
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