Do You Know This About Breast Augmentation?

Woman with perfect breasts in black bra on black background In our Miami office, we consult with a lot of patients about breast augmentation. This popular procedure is so well-known that patients often come in thinking they know everything they need to know to sail right through their experience. Wanting to avoid the “wish I had known” situation, we approach each case with a fresh set of ears, eyes, and expectations. Here, we discuss a few things we want our patients to know as they begin their breast augmentation journey. 

  • Preparation is key. 

Patients often want to know how to prepare for surgery. The best answer we may have is to start early in the process. Some patients may need to quit smoking. Some may need to alter medications or supplements. All patients can benefit from focusing on nutrition before undergoing surgery. Doing so can optimize their bodies regenerative capacity during the recovery process. Not all preparations are physical in nature. Patients also benefit from completing necessary projects well before surgery and making a cozy place in their home where they can rest peacefully after their procedure. 

  • Perfection takes time. 

That first postoperative follow up can be extremely exciting. Patients are understandably eager to see the improvements achieved through surgery. However, it is best to lower the bar on expectations as far as immediate results go. At first, the breasts usually look rather high on the chest wall. They often look and feel extraordinarily firm. The appearance of the breasts changes over the course of a few months as muscles and skin relax around the breast implants. In time, the breasts drop into their beautiful new position.

  • Some need a little boost.

What breast augmentation does is fill out the breast mound. This procedure can improve symmetry and shape and size. What it cannot do is correct drooping. During his consultation, Dr. Hunsaker evaluates the position of the breasts in relation to the inframammary crease. In some cases, patients are advised to combine their augmentation with a lift to achieve the very best results. 

  • The right surgeon is out there.

It can and should take time to select the right surgeon for your breast augmentation. Patients are encouraged to consult only with board-certified plastic surgeons, and ideally those with years of experience performing this procedure. Dr. Hunsaker has established a stellar reputation in his more than 25 years in practice. This comes not only from his proven results but also from his insistence on spending time to get to know every patient’s concerns, objectives, and expectations before making surgical recommendations. 

Start your breast enhancement journey today. Contact our Miami office at  305.279.4700 to schedule your visit. 

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