Advantages of Dysport

Dysport Miami, FL Wrinkle-reducing treatments are commonly performed here in our Miami cosmetic surgery office. Since the early 2000’s, injectable solutions have continued to gain ground, and for good reason. We support men and women who want to manage their aging process without surgery by carefully selecting non-surgical protocols to smooth the skin. Dysport is one of the popular methods of doing this.

Dysport or Botox: It’s Like Coke and Pepsi!

You may be familiar with Botox and may have even had this treatment before. Why would we offer an alternative like Dysport when Botox is so well-known? Ultimately, the two products contain the same base ingredient, botulinum toxin. Each also works similarly, by reducing muscle contraction that is causing lines on the forehead or between the brows. Based on extensive research, though, the subtle differences between Dysport and Botox may significantly improve patient outcomes.

Benefits of Dysport

In addition to being safe and effective, Dysport offers benefits such as:

  • Comfortable treatment. The needles used to inject this product are not much larger than acupuncture needles (and those are only about as thick as a strand of hair). Therefore, patients can obtain treatment without anesthetic and without pain.
  • Wider spread. One of the details of Dysport that sets it apart is that the product spreads farther across the treatment area. This is because the protein concentration in Dysport is less than Botox. Because product moves farther away from injection sites, fewer injections may be needed to achieve the intended result. Also, this detail makes it even more critical to obtain treatment from an injector who is familiar with Dysport. Effects occur quickly. Usually, the improvement achieved with a neuromodulator like Botox is seen after about a week. Dysport, due to its lower concentration of protein, works more quickly.
  • May work for patients who have become resistant to Botox. Sometimes, repeated Botox injections lead to systemic resistance. This resistance also relates to the immune system’s reaction to the protein in Botox Cosmetic. The lesser amount of protein in Dysport may not provoke this response, thus allowing the product to achieve its purpose.

Discover the advantages of Dysport wrinkle-reducing treatment first-hand. Contact our Miami office at  305-279-4700 to schedule your visit.

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