A Walk Through the Mommy Makeover Process

There is no denying the benefits of feeling like your best self. Although there are too many joys of motherhood to even list, these can coincide with a sense of dissatisfaction about physical appearance. Mommy makeover procedures are common because women want to enjoy the best of both worlds; they want to revel in motherhood while also maintaining their sense of self in every possible way. We frequently speak with women about this custom-tailored treatment plan, so we know the common questions that arise regarding how to best prepare for the transformative journey. Here, we touch on important Before and After details.

Before Surgery

  1. Before any other steps, it is necessary to do your research. Call more than two plastic surgery offices to speak with staff. Look at reviews and testimonials of surgeons in your area. Then, arrange a consultation with the top 2 surgeons who meet requirements (including being board-certified in plastic surgery). This crucial step can set the tone for your entire experience.
  2. Evaluate habits. Before a mommy makeover, it is beneficial to have developed good eating habits. This is not only to serve the long-term outcome of surgery but also to promote optimal healing. Other habits may need to be curtailed, including tobacco and nicotine use and alcohol consumption. The better condition the body is in before surgery, the better it will heal.
  3. Schedule time off. Recovery from a mommy makeover can take every bit of 10 days. A two-week period off from work helps patients regain the energy they need to resume normal activities.
  4. Solidify support. After a mommy makeover, patients need someone to cook, care for kids and pets, and more. Patients need someone who can help them to the bathroom, help them take their medication, and help them remain in good spirits as much as possible (more on that in a moment).

After Surgery: What to Expect

  1. Most patients who undergo a significant surgery like a mommy makeover are going to experience some emotional highs and lows. This can feel distressing in itself, but it doesn’t have to. If you know that other mommy makeover patients have reported ranging from excitement to tears in a matter of seconds, you can see the normalcy in your own journey.
  2. Prepare for some new sensations. After a mommy makeover, it is not uncommon for back pain to develop. This is because tightened abdominal muscles force a rather hunched posture for a few days. This is a temporary discomfort that will go away once you can stand upright. Another minor frustration may be constipation that occurs as a side effect of pain medication.
  3. Take your medication as directed. Even with the risk of constipation, it is not advisable to skip doses of prescription pain medication. Instead, take medication as directed and use strategies like a stool softener or drinking plenty of clear fluids to offset the side effects.

A mommy makeover can be an amazing gift to give yourself. To learn more about this personalized treatment, schedule a consultation in our Miami office.

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