Testimonial 16

I had a second procedure done on 11/8/17 by Dr. Hunsaker. Couldn’t be happier. I am 5’6 about 126 pounds, athletic build. My 1st procedure went from 34 A/small B cup to 34 full C/ small D cup. My 1st implants were 375 cc. My second procedure i replaced 375 cc with 800 cc. I am not sure what size i am going to end up yet, still in the process of recovery. But to be honest i don’t care, i saw a lot of ladies here on the realself are way too obsessed with the sizing… i dont see the point of that. who cares what it says on your bra, the most important to me is to really like the look you are going for. My 1st breast augmentation i was going for a bra size, yes i got my desired D cup, but it wasn’t the right look i had in my head. Everyone is so unique, rib cage, breast shape, height, weight… all those factors are taken i consideration by your doc when deciding on breast implant size and shape. Which is why i love Dr. Hunsaker, he doesn’t want you to tell hi what size you want, he goes by the look you want to end-up with. I am so glad i did it in 2 step… i have very stretch mark prone skin, and doing it in one step would have left me with stretch marks on my breasts. Love my doctor, he did a great job the 1st time i did it, and the 2nd time when i decided to go bigger. Just absolutely love the look. the recovery is much, i mean MUCH easier than the 1st time. My 1st time wasn’t bad, but my second is not even 30% of the pain and tightness of the 1st procedure. Please if anyone has questions regarding my experience, let me know. I will be happy to share my personal experience and feelings.

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