Will I Need a Tummy Tuck With My Liposuction Procedure?

young beautiful woman in underwear sitting on the floor For many, a healthy diet and regular exercise are not enough to remove stubborn or unwanted body fat. Although these are essential for overall health, genetics and other factors may keep them from doing much to reduce body fat and prevent them from achieving a sculpted and toned appearance.

There are many treatments available to help remove unwanted body fat. Although many of these are non-invasive, most less-invasive treatments require multiple visits and may only provide temporary results. Liposuction is a safe and effective way to permanently remove moderate to significant amounts of body fat in a single procedure.

Although it is a slightly more invasive procedure than other options and is done under anesthesia, the liposuction procedure permanently removes the targeted fat cells instead of just destroying them and leaving your body to clean out the debris. The results from liposuction can be seen nearly right after the surgery.

While this can significantly change your appearance and eliminate a lot of body fat, there is a limit before other aesthetic issues need to be addressed. Depending on your age, the health of your skin, and how long the fat has been stretching against your skin, removing a significant amount of body fat can leave you with loose or flabby skin.

In some cases, your skin’s natural elasticity can reduce this effect. However, many patients may require a tummy tuck surgery to remove this excess skin and achieve their desired appearance. Although this is another more invasive procedure, it can be safely performed during liposuction, reducing your surgical time and only requiring a single recovery period.

Regardless of how much body fat you want to get rid of, Dr. Hunsaker and the team at Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery Center in Miami, FL, can work with you to create the perfect treatment plan that meets all your goals, minimizes downtime, and impacts to your life. Call 305-279-4700 or visit www.cosmetiqueplasticsurgery.com to schedule a consultation.

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