What We Need to Understand about Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast surgeries are performed around the country every day. Board-certified plastic surgeons frequently consult with women who want to improve the shape of their breasts and overall body proportions. As common as breast surgeries are, people often limit their view to those that enhance shape through enlargement. We must also remember that, for some, the objective is to improve shape through reduction. Here, we discuss some of the important points about breast reduction that need to be better understood.

Not everyone thinks large breasts are a blessing.
Many people who express an interest in plastic surgery are met with comments like “you look great the way you are.” As well-meaning as statements like this can be, they can also be counterproductive for the person who wants to feel better about their appearance. When it comes to breast reduction, the sentiment often goes one step further. Women are often given the impression that they should be thankful for large breasts. The problem here is that no one can know another person’s experience fully. Women who want breast reduction often live with physical discomfort. They endure unsolicited comments and stares. They have difficulty fitting into clothing that they like. From this perspective, large breasts do not feel like something to be grateful for. Breast reduction, however, does.

Weight loss is not a solution for large breasts.

There is a correlation between weight and breast size. The breasts are composed of fat and glandular tissue so, when a woman gains weight, her breasts may enlarge. However, this happens only to a small degree. Weight gain outside of pregnancy typically has little effect on breast size as it pertains to a desire for breast reduction. Women who seek breast reduction are often looking for a dramatic change, like a few cup-sizes. Weight loss cannot achieve this extent of reduction.

Breast reduction doesn’t have to prevent breastfeeding.

Many women interested in breast surgery express concern that they won’t be able to breastfeed. It is important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who routinely performs breast surgeries. Doing so enables you to get answers to questions like this and gain the peace of mind you deserve. An experienced plastic surgeon uses techniques that minimize the risk of disrupting milk ducts. Most women who undergo breast surgery retain the ability to breastfeed should they choose.

We are proud to serve women in the Miami area who want to reshape their breasts to fit their physique and lifestyle. For more information about breast reduction surgery, schedule a consultation at 305.279.4700.

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