Revitalize Your Look with a Brow Lift

Do you get asked if you are tired? Do people question “what’s wrong?” when they observe your resting facial expression? It could be because your brow position has changed over time. This is a difficult consequence of aging. As the skin gets thinner and weaker and volume is lost across the upper third of the face, lines and a drooping brow line may be inevitable. A brow lift may be the solution.

The upper third of the face is a critical area when addressing the signs of aging. The descent of the eyebrows can exacerbate the aging of the eyelids and make the face appear angry or fatigued. Depending on where the descent occurs, the face may look sad or worried. In any case, the appearance of the eyes may not always be corrected with blepharoplasty. When the brow is involved in the changing appearance of the eyes, its ptosis must be addressed.

What Happens to the Forehead and Brows?

Multiple tissue changes affect the forehead area as we age. There are various muscles in this region, each of which may pull in a certain direction. For example, one muscle contracts to bring the eyebrows together in a frown, others contract to raise the eyebrows in a look of surprise. Brow depression occurs as a result of regular muscle use as well as the loss of skin firmness and elasticity. Furthermore, subcutaneous tissue is also depleted with age. Each person develops a unique pattern of upper facial creases and ptosis based on their unique facial expressions. These concerns may be exacerbated by sun damage, smoking, and other factors.

Brow Lift Techniques

The brow lift procedure restores a youthful shape to the eyebrows and lifts weakened tissue up and away from the eyes. In so doing, this surgery can refresh the eyes and reinstate a vibrant, friendly appearance. Brow lifts may be conducted in a few different ways. Which technique is right for you depends on the extent of lifting that is needed.

The coronal brow lift is an “open” technique in which the surgeon makes an ear-to-ear incision behind the hairline. This allows lifting of the forehead skin to access underlying musculature. Using a precise technique, the surgeon repositions and trims muscle tissue. The skin is draped over the smooth, tight muscle and is also trimmed. When incisions are closed with sutures, the eyebrows are repositioned to their proper place above the upper orbital rim.

The endoscopic brow lift is a “closed” technique in which the surgeon makes a number of tiny incisions. An endoscope, a small tube with a camera on the end, is inserted through one incision. Small instruments are inserted through the others. The endoscope provides the visualization of the surgical field while instruments manipulate and trim muscle and as needed.

A brow lift may be your ticket to embodying your best self. To learn more, call our Miami office at 305.279.4700.

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