Reasons Plastic Surgery Remains so Popular

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The most important beholder is You. When you look at your reflection in the mirror, when you get dressed, when you go about your daily life, you deserve to feel great about your appearance. Beauty looks different on everyone. It’s not about looking like the youngest, thinnest, or fittest person in every room, it’s about feeling alignment between your physical appearance and your self-image. Plastic surgery procedures are designed to achieve this goal, regardless of the means we use to get there. Here, we discuss some of the most common reasons people get plastic surgery, and why you may want to, as well.

  • Lines and wrinkles. Since the development of powerful injectable treatments, one might think that the relevance of plastic surgery for lines and wrinkles has diminished. It has not. Instances of procedures like eyelid surgery and brow lifts continue to be high among adults of all ages. It may be convenient to pop into a plastic surgeon’s office for an injectable treatment, but it may be more gratifying to wake up day after day, year after year, without those worry lines on your forehead or lines around your eyes. This is possible with procedures like blepharoplasty and brow lift surgery.
  • Loose skin. We get lines and wrinkles in various areas of the face and body because our skin gets thinner and weaker with age. In an area like Miami, where the sun seems to be forever shining, UV damage can accelerate the development of lines, wrinkles, and tissue laxity. When facial skin loosens, we may start to see deep creases around the nose and mouth. The corners of the mouth may start to turn downward. Our jawline can lose definition, and we may develop a turkey neck. Any one of these cosmetic issues can diminish your satisfaction with your appearance. For long-lasting improvements, many of our patients choose to address facial aging with facelift surgery.
  • No More Mom Bod. Women go through so much when they become mothers. Pregnancy and breastfeeding alone can significantly alter the way that the body holds fat. They alter the shape of the breasts and belly and more, and some of these changes are nearly impossible to overcome. The Mommy Makeover process offers women of all ages the opportunity to customize plastic surgery procedures around their unique needs.
  • Confidence! Why have plastic surgery other than to feel better every time you look in the mirror, every time you pick out what clothes you will wear to work or a special event. The various plastic surgery procedures that are popular today remain so because people of all ages realize the immense value of loving the way they look.

How would you like to feel when you look in the mirror? Let’s talk about it! Contact our Miami office at  305.279.4700 to schedule a consultation.

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