How Risks of Facelift Surgery Can be Reduced

Facelift proceduresFacelift Miami, FL have been some of the most popular anti-aging techniques for many years. Throughout decades of clinical practice, surgeons have learned a lot about the proper performance of the facelift to achieve results that look beautifully rejuvenated, not dramatically windblown. With the cosmetic effects of facelift surgery now only a minor concern (one that is mitigated by obtaining treatment from an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon), we have only a few remaining risks to consider before surgery.

Surgical risks are a given. Because of this, most patients have at least a few questions or even some reservations about having a facelift. Here, we discuss the most common risks associated with this procedure and what you can do to improve the outcome of your anti-aging treatment.

  1. Where there are incisions, there can be bleeding. This risk diminishes significantly after the first 24 hours of recovery. During this time, a patient may be monitored in an outpatient recovery facility or at home by a loved one. Minor bleeding may occur initially and is a common side effect. However, prominent bleeding can lead to a hematoma. Even in the event of a hematoma, medical care can be administered to correct the complication.
  2. This common risk exists because surgery opens the skin. However, an experienced surgical staff takes extra precautions to minimize exposure to the elements. The sterility of the operating room is complemented by draping and meticulous surgical techniques. In some instances, antibiotics may also be prescribed or administered to decrease the risk of infection.
  3. Many patients notice mild numbness after a facelift. This is because of the numerous nerve endings located in the face and head. Disruption to the facial nerves causes temporary sensation changes. Over time, as nerve endings are naturally repaired, sensation returns to normal.
  4. Incisions will develop scar tissue. For this reason, they are kept to a minimum and situated in discreet locations near the ears. One of the best ways to minimize the risk of scarring is to avoid smoking. Tissue oxygenation is vital to wound healing, and smoking inhibits this.

If you are in the Miami area and want to know more about facelift surgery and what it can do for you, contact us at 305.279.4700 to schedule a visit with Dr. Hunsaker. A thorough consultation can provide you with the important details that will help you make a confident decision about your cosmetic care.

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