Exercise after Liposuction

In many cases, patients who visit us for liposuction already live a relatively active and healthy lifestyle. Most people try to achieve their physical goals before consulting with a plastic surgeon about stubborn fat. Liposuction offers a safe and effective solution for this concern. While not a weight loss procedure, it is known for outstanding cosmetic outcomes achieved by targeting specific areas for fat removal. To maintain the results obtained from surgery, patients must recognize the value of some down time as well as the strategies to safely resume exercise after liposuction. 

Resuming Exercise after Liposuction

One of the benefits of liposuction surgery is that there is minimal downtime needed for recovery. Patients may be back to work and light activities within a week of their procedure, depending on how extensive surgery is. Still, being back to work at a desk job and taking short walks through the neighborhood does not constitute exercise, nor a full return to life as it may be after liposuction. Most surgeons advise patients to gradually resume exercise after about two weeks of recovery. They may begin with about 25 percent of their normal activity level and progressively increase duration and intensity from there. 

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is integral to whole-body health. It is a critical aspect of weight management so, understandably, our liposuction patients are interested in resuming their cardio workouts as soon as possible. Patients who lead active lifestyles before surgery may find it somewhat difficult to take the time off that is needed for optimal recovery. Still, this is also a must. The body needs at least two weeks to fully recover from plastic surgery. Patients may tire more easily for weeks after their liposuction procedure. Rather than push through, it is necessary to listen to the body and let it be the guide for how quickly exercise resumes at full intensity. For at least two weeks, patients should limit their physical exercise to casual walking.

Strength Training

Liposuction patients may begin to engage in light resistance training two to three weeks post-operatively. Like aerobic exercise, strength training must be resumed carefully and gradually, always with the body and current energy levels as guides. If any resistance exercise causes pain, it may be necessary to receive medical attention. As strength training resumes, patients must be mindful to take it slow and only to the point of minor discomfort. Anything further could impair surgical recovery. 

Exercise is an important strategy that is needed to maintain the results of liposuction surgery. While liposuction permanently removes a certain amount of fatty tissue and new fat cells do not grow to replace this, weight gain can affect the cosmetic appearance of the body. Together, liposuction and a healthy lifestyle can achieve lasting rewards.

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