Breast Augmentation: Tips to Arrive at Surgery Day Prepared

Breast augmentation is a leading plastic surgery procedure. If you’ve been interested in getting breast implants, you probably know that surgeons perform this surgery nearly every day. Around the country, hundreds of thousands of breast augmentation surgeries take place annually. Just because your board-certified plastic surgeon knows exactly what to do to achieve great results with breast augmentation does not mean there is nothing you can do to maximize the outcome of your procedure. Here, we offer a few tips to get you to surgery day fully prepared.

Choosing Breast Implants

Choosing breast implants is something you will do with your plastic surgeon. However, it’s also something you may inadvertently begin doing long before you even select a doctor for your procedure. It looks something like this: you find yourself drawn to certain women or certain body-types. You may find yourself drawn to certain types of clothing. These are all factors to observe as you make your way towards surgery. Remember, breast enhancement isn’t about a particular size; it’s about the size that is right for you.

In addition to choosing breast implants that will suit your personality, you want to choose a size and shape and projection that will suit your lifestyle, as well. Are you very active? Do you dance or jog or engage in high-intensity workouts? These are not activities that prevent you from getting breast implants nor do they dictate the best size for you. Understanding how your new breasts will fit into your lifestyle, though, can help you make the wisest decision for your needs.

Preparing your Body and Mind

Surgery is a major event even when it is a procedure as common as breast augmentation. When you are making your surgical decisions, it is a good time to look at your diet and lifestyle habits. Surgery is taxing on the body. Tissue repair will be ongoing for weeks after a surgical procedure. This means your body needs all the resources it can get. The best place to get resources is through whole, fresh, nutritious foods like lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, if you smoke, you need to stop. Smoking impairs the tissue repair that is necessary for incisions to heal into flat, light scars.

Finally, to prepare for breast augmentation means to also prepare for recovery. The recovery from this procedure is not difficult for most patients. What is most challenging is taking advantage of all that “me time” that you’ve said you wanted but may not know what to do with. In addition to taking at least one week off work, patients must take time off life. No cooking for the family; they get to cook for you. No taking care of children and pets and chores; someone else will need to do that for a short time. With mental preparedness, this becomes must less difficult.

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