Our Plastic Surgeon in Miami, Florida, Welcomes You

You are the most important person in our practice. Your satisfaction in the process and results of your elective investment in yourself is our priority.

” I understand that you are making the choice to ask me to make the changes you desire. I accept that responsibility with both pride and humility.” – Dr. Hunsaker

Our Goals

  • Safety
  • Predictable Quality Results
  • Fair Fees
  • Patient Education
  • Rapid, Comfortable Recovery
  • Compassionate, Supportive, and Friendly Environment

YOU BE THE JUDGE of the quality of my results. Unlike many sites, I don’t include just one photo of a few of the procedures I perform – I show many photos of nearly all the procedures I do. Please compare my results to others for quality and consistency.
“While quality cosmetic plastic surgery is not ‘cheap’, it is within reach for more patients than ever – especially with current financing options. My fees are very fair and there is no reason to be evasive about them. Unfortunately, many times, by ‘shopping’ for the lowest price, you may ‘get what you paid for’! We advise our patients to ‘shop the doctor, not the price.’”

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