Testimonial 44

I am actually from NJ. I’ve been wanting this procedure (breast augmentation) for the last 12 years! I did live in Miami in my early 20’s, but came back down here to actually have the procedure. I never really thought about it seriously while I was down here permanently. (my plastic surgeon in NJ had actually retired several years ago, and my parents have a home on A1A in LasOlas, so….free room & board while I recover! My decision was made! :0) I was excited to have Dr. Hunsaker as my PS.. He went above and beyond to help me on my surgery day. Dr. Hunsaker was amazing! Let me first start out by saying that I have always had issues with my veins and recieving IV’s. For my pre-surgery labs, I had blood work drawn in my home state-NJ-and to be honest, they butchered me. It took them over an hour and a half to draw my blood (even using a butterfly!!!) Long story short, I let my Plastic Surgery Center know about this, and they decided to have me scheduled to come in first thing the morning, of my procedure, to take care of it. Long story short, the first nurse could not find anything, and decided to wait for the anesthesiologist. After about an hour with BOTH of them, I looked up and asked…’what’s going to happen if you can’t get a line in?’…. they both kinda looked at me sadly and said….well, you won’t be able to get the procedure. I was devestated! Finally Dr. Hunsaker walked through the door and says…’hey trouble!’ I hear you are giving my nurses and anesth. some problems!….I explained what was going on, and he saw how upset I was. He started smacking my arms looking for veins, while saying, ‘this is your punishment for giving us a hard time, and for leaving your veins home!… LOL well needless to say, he really calmed me down, as I was a wreck thinking I came down to Florida for nothing! Dr. Hunsaker spent over an HOUR with me, rubbing my arms, gently handling me while he looked for a place to put my IV. He was so soothing and gentle, and relieving, apparently it worked (he almost put me to sleep in the mean time) Anyway, he says, all done trouble, lets get you into surgery! I couldn’t believe it! He actually got my IV in, and I didn’t even feel it! He went above and beyond! Dr. Hunsaker was amazing, and I know if it was any other Dr. I would’ve been rescheduled or cancelled, b/c they would’ve given up on me! I know, since it has happened before to me!!

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