Testimonial 38

I originally contacted Dr Hunsaker’s office to have my boobs redone and I was instantly impressed by his sweet patient coordinator Maria, who was very attentive, responsive, informing and courteous! I had lovely 550ccs for almost 13 years (a total of three augmentations in 20 years plus 2 breastfed babies) after so long with my last set I experienced asymmetry plus drooping and a wide gap between breasts, and all the typical ails of harboring old implants so after endless googling, boob stalking, boob shopping online, (Instagram, RealSelf, SimplyBreastImplants, JustImplants, Mentor LLC., and even porn sites, etc)… I was certain that an upsize to about 1100ccs would achieve the look that I wanted! Researching the best doctors in Florida with XL Breast Augmentation experience, Dr Hunsaker was one of the top surgeons suggested!!

I stayed in touch with Maria for about a month until she informed me that there was an open appointment due to a cancellation so I hopped on my broom and rushed to Miami right away! I had the consultation on a Wednesday submitted my blood work and had the surgery on Friday.

I suffer from anxiety attacks and anticipatory anxiety attacks and they were very careful with me and compassionate! The anesthesia tech was sweeter than cotton candy omg!!! I swear she was the most upbeat and cheery lady I have ever had the pleasure to meet and fall asleep on in 5minutes lol I wish I could’ve enjoyed experiencing her bubbly personality longer and even thank her for her positive calming nature, but that “amnesia serum” kicked in and I orbited my spaceship back to Venus! I was out like a light switch!! LoL But she was awesome! I cannot describe how amazingly sweet everyone in his office is! The anesthesia staff, the nurses, etc…

Doctor Hunsaker: Very relaxed, straight forward guy… (A modestly handsome contemporary fellow)… He was honest, down to earth and came across like a doctor and not a salesman!!! He simply was informative and kept things simple.. This helped minimize my anxiety! He informed me that he would try to achieve the look I desired based on photos and not a guessing game of CCs? It’s very helpful to bring him photos of your desired results!!! He displayed a great level of professionalism with a warm personality and he was tender!

Upon my post op he informed me that he filled them to 1500ccs (Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus) and I’m absolutely shocked I could carry 1500ccs so well, they look normal in me and I’m immensely happy with my results! However; due to my anxiety I’m not very good on pills, drugs and other such stimulants (my idea of a good time is two glasses of Merlot at the most) so no pain killers have been able to stay down for more than 5minutes so I’m baring through the pain trying to manage with less harsh OTC pain Management! I’m a NYC chic so I’ve been trained to take the pain for the gain!!! I’m a NY GIANTs girl.. Go big or Go Home! Go Giants!!!

Everyday I am more grateful to transition closer and closer to a full recovery!! I’m so in love with my new round orbs of perfection!! Oh my laawd!!! :-)) He did an amazing job!!! I’m 5’9 and curvy so the 1500ccs really are meshing great with the shape of my body! There is swelling and tightness that is unimaginably uncomfortable but normal and I expect it to recede with time!

Tall curvy Caribbean Barbie with Big Guns !!!Reloaded!!! Watch out world, here I come!!!

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