What You Can Do to Prolong the Results of a Breast Lift

While people certainly don’t shy away from the idea of plastic surgery anymore, we are seeing a trend that includes a strong interest in looking completely natural. Our patients want to look great without looking done, as if Mother Nature did all the work on her own. We’re happy to accommodate our patients’ wishes and do so by tailoring treatment to each unique body frame. One technique that is appealing to many women is breast lift surgery as an alternative to breast augmentation with implants.

Breast lift surgery offers a number of benefits. Primarily, women appreciate that a breast lift can restore nice shape and projection without the use of synthetic objects. You can’t get much more “all-natural” than a breast lift. Advantageous as this is, many patients question if the results of a breast lift will last. The answer is: they can. Here, we suggest a few ways to achieve maximum longevity for lifted breasts.

Stabilize Them

Breasts are fatty. Just like any other part of the body, the fat cells that make up breast tissue can expand. Weight gain is a contributing factor to breast enlargement and breast enlargement is a contributing factor to sagginess. For this reason, doctors encourage patients considering a breast lift to attain stable weight before surgery and to maintain a range of 10 pounds of this weight after breast lift surgery.

Support Them

Some people believe that breasts need the support of a bra and some do not. If you land in the group that is thumbs-up for the good old brazier, we have a tip: avoid push-up bras. Bras with underwires and padding that push breast tissue up and in alleviate the work that chest muscles have to do. For breasts to stay perkier longer, muscle tone is necessary. This, as well as nice breast shape, can be sustained by wearing a well-fit bra that supports the natural fall of the breasts on the chest wall.

Supplement Them

How can you supplement the breasts? By taking supplements that nourish the body in ways that diet doesn’t always do. Specifically, the body needs vitamin C in order to produce the amount of collagen necessary to keep skin and tissues resilient. Collagen firms the skin and tissue and therefore holds value for anyone wanting to postpone the inevitable effects of gravity and aging. As little as 500 mg a day can do wonders for collagen production.

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