Want to Know What Breast Augmentation Can Do for You?

Sexy blond woman wear beige lingerie Having breast augmentation can be a life-changing decision when approached with a great deal of awareness and information. Generally, we think of breast augmentation as the procedure that increases a woman’s breast size. This is true, but it is a small part of a much bigger picture. Here, we go beyond the technical aspect of what breast augmentation is and discuss some of the finer details about what this procedure can do for you.


In general, women who seek breast augmentation do so because they want larger breasts. From a broader perspective, the reason many want larger breasts is because their current breast size does not lend to curvaceous proportions. The most natural proportions are achieved when the breasts and hips are about the same size. A skilled plastic surgeon can determine the best breast implant characteristics based on your natural body style, frame, and height. A word of caution here: bigger isn’t always better. If your primary interest is to maintain a natural-looking hourglass figure, extremely large breast implants may not get you there unless your hips are wider.

Another aspect of proportion is lifestyle. We often meet women who are very active and athletic. The lack of body fat that results from strenuous exercise can significantly alter a woman’s natural curves, leaving her with a more masculine frame. Wanting a more feminine appearance must be balanced with the physical impact that breast implants have on lifestyle. In this situation, the doctor can discuss the ideal size and type of implants to subtly increase curves without also imposing on the patient’s workout routine.


Enlargement is only one reason women seek breast augmentation. Sometimes, the need for enlargement arises from drastic asymmetry. When one breast is significantly larger than the other, one must make accommodations for bras and bathing suits, and, honestly, this can just get old. To correct significant asymmetry, a surgeon may use two different sizes of breast implants. The larger breast gets the smaller implant and the smaller breast gets a larger implant. While this technique cannot guarantee perfection in the area of symmetry, it can make a rewarding difference for just about every patient. For this, it is crucial to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with direct experience correcting asymmetry.

A Slimmer Tummy

What better way to get a shapelier midsection than to increase breast size? This benefit of breast augmentation stems from the natural synergy that occurs when proportions are maximized. You don’t have to have a completely flat, tight tummy to look and feel good; what you may really want is more curves between adjacent areas. If your tummy needs some help in the slimming department, the doctor can combine your breast augmentation with liposuction or abdominoplasty designed around your goals and body.

A Slight Lift

We are careful to claim that breast augmentation lifts the breasts. It doesn’t. That’s why many women combine their augmentation with a breast lift. That said, some patients do notice that the enlargement of their breasts results in a subtle lifted appearance. During your consultation, expect your surgeon to evaluate not only your breast size but the natural weight of your breasts and the tightness of your skin.


Ultimately, the reason why breast augmentation is such a popular procedure is that it lends to each patient’s sense of self-confidence. There is something so gratifying about loving what you see in the mirror. In terms of breast augmentation, this includes how you look in your favorite clothing, bathing suits, and more. The emotional lift that comes from a well-thought-out, well-done breast augmentation is one of the most special aspects of our work.

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