Small Improvements to the Eyes can mean Big Improvements to Your Life

Eyelid Surgery Miami FL It would be difficult to argue the idea that the eyes are the central focal point on the face. We can see this in our own concerns related to aging, and we can also see it in research. Studies suggest that the appearance of the eyes indicate whether or not a person is youthful and energetic, whether they are friendly, sad, angry, or simply very tired. The problem with any one of these perceptions is that it is based on appearance alone, and may be hugely inaccurate. But you know what they say, perception is reality.

We know we cannot keep the eyes from aging; it’s a natural side effect to collagen loss and muscle weakening. What is important to discuss is the benefit that can come from appropriate treatment. While non-surgical treatments may work for a time, there aspects of blepharoplasty that make surgical eye rejuvenation a valuable option for reviving the entire face.

Harmony through Symmetry

It is no secret that it is symmetry that makes a face more attractive. The Golden Ratio revolves around the literal mathematical equation of beauty. In the instance of the eyes, symmetry is a major problem that isn’t often discussed. The way that tissue ages doesn’t always occur in bilateral fashion. Most people who are concerned with aging eyes point to one side as worse than the other. In some instances, the lack of symmetry is dramatic. Blepharoplasty is an excellent solution for the long-term correction of asymmetry related to laxity and muscle weakness.

Increase Openness

When we observe a face and see open eyes, there is a sense of brightness and energy that we equate to youthfulness. Hooding and heaviness on the upper eyelids, in particular, are notorious for closing the eyes. Interestingly, this closing also fabricates a sense that the person behind those narrow eyes is closed-off, unfriendly, or angry. Blepharoplasty lifts sagging skin off the lash line and restores the crease of the upper lid to its original position. The new openness that results from this lift restores that vibe of vitality that fosters better confidence.

Upper and lower blepharoplasty can be performed together or as individual procedures. At Cosmetique in Miami, treatments are personalized to meet your unique needs. For more information, call 305-279-4700.

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